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Hello everyone,

Far Cry VR v1.0 is now available and marks the likely end of feature development. Far Cry is now a fully transformed VR experience, and I hope you will enjoy this release!

This final release contains a number of bugfixes and a variety of comfort options for vehicles and cutscenes. You can now decouple the camera rotation from the vehicle, giving you full control over the direction your camera is facing even while you twist and turn on your boat ride. You can also choose to display vehicle rides and cutscenes in a virtual 2D or 3D screen in front of you rather than having them in full VR if that is more comfortable for you.

Vehicle controls have been slightly reworked, and the mod now ships with two separate SteamVR controller bindings that you can choose between. The new default places vehicle controls, including throttle and steering, fully on the left stick. The advantage is that the resulting controls are much more consistent with the rest of the game as it frees up the triggers to provide their usual function. If you preferred having vehicle throttle on the triggers, you can go to the SteamVR controller bindings and choose the alternative preset, or create your own bindings entirely.

For details and the download link, visit the release on GitHub:

Far Cry VR v1.0 on GitHub

Have fun!

  • Holger